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  1. Brokers work for you — insurance companies work for themselves.

    Insurance companies have one product to offer – their own. Insurance brokers assess your specific, unique needs and shop the market to find the best product available.

  2. Brokers don’t charge you for their services.

    You might think brokers cost more than working directly with an insurance company, but they don’t.

    You’ll pay the same rate for insurance with or without the advice and expertise of a broker.

  3. Brokers have better access to what you need.

    Insurance brokers have pre-existing relationships and typically get faster service and better access to make requests, changes and exceptions.

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How it works

  1. Find a broker.

    Enter your postal code to locate an insurance broker near you.

  2. Connect with your broker.

    Your insurance broker will set up an initial meeting to determine what you need.

  3. Get the best coverage for you.

    A broker will ensure you’ve considered everything you need to, and help you navigate the fine print.

Find a broker near you

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